About K.A.R.S.

    Welcome to a group of friendly amateurs in the Louisville, KY, and Southern Indiana area that talk daily on the linked repeaters known as K.A.R.S. or the Kentuckiana Amateur Repeater System. Maintained by Brock Persons KK4CZ, this system operates on 145.410- Mhz and links four repeaters providing solid coverage for Louisville, KY, and surrounding communities. The primary repeater is located in downtown Louisville (145.410- 151.4 PL), another in Edwardsville, IN (145.410- 67.0 PL), and a third repeater in Vine Grove, KY (145.120- 123.0 PL). Downtown also has a 70cm link into the system (441.350+ 67.0 PL) which provides UHF penetration though buildings and obstacles when VHF won't get through. Finally KK4CZ-R 23816 puts you into the system via .

    These guys and gals have developed close friendships per the typical conversations that occur daily such as "rush-hour rag-chew", discussions on antenna and station setups, on-the-air question and answer sessions, technical and local area assistance, evening round tables, and regular connections both nationally and globally.

    K.A.R.S. is a group of amateurs who actively and positively support this great hobby and they are not even an official club. Still this group has managed to bring back a positive spirit of great conversations, technical support, and sincere friendships into amateur radio in an area that is relatively quiet on the bands, and that is something that many clubs strive for. They have found a fresh direction for amateur radio and it works pretty well.

    K.A.R.S. was also there for local disasters per the ice storm and high winds which caused havoc and weeks of power loss in the area in 2008/2009. They provided generators, food, checking on personnel, local info on support government agencies and where to go, and emotional support via amateur communications for anyone on the network.

    Per the popularity of the system this website was created which provides a wealth of amateur information on the local users, amateur radio, and support for visitors to the area. It also brings the users together per e-mail addresses, , and Internet Messaging support. This site is actively supported on a daily basis.

    So when traveling to the Louisville, KY, area key up on the K.A.R.S. repeater system and say hello. You'll find the spirit of amateur radio is alive and well!

Kentuckiana Amateur Repeater System
Louisville, KY, USA