2010 Hamfest in Cave City, KY

    It was another great year for the K.A.R.S. users attending the March 6th Hamfest. Shoney's in Elizabethtown, KY, was once again the meeting place at 7:00 AM EST. Next the group talked on 145.410 simplex while traveling to the Cave City Convention Center for the 7:30 AM CST opening. As for testing Brandon KJ4KMA obtained his General ticket. Way to go! Finally lunch at the Cracker Barrel in Cave City was over-crowded but tasty! Next year we'll need more tables!

David KJ4CUL & Jeff KF4OPA Basil KC9IVU & Mike KM4U
Big Mike KJ4FKC & Jeff KF4OPA Tommy WB4UMR
John AI9E & Ron KC4KY

2009 Hamfest in Cave City, KY

    Twenty-three K.A.R.S. users attended the March 7th Hamfest sponsored by the Cave City ARC. The party started at 7:00 AM EST with a breakfast get together at Shoney's in Elizabethtown. This was exciting per many repeater friends meeting for the first time. Then the group talking on 145.410 simplex traveled to the Cave City Convention Center for the 7:30 AM CST opening. By 10:00 AM the Center was packed with Amateurs! This year Jeff KF4OPA ran two booths as well as providing some space for K.A.R.S. users.

    Testing also was a great success for the group with Tommy WB4UMR advancing to Extra. Mike KJ4EGF, Rick WW4USA, and Jeremy K4NXX passed General. Also welcome Amy, Brandon, and Bob who obtained their Technician tickets. We'll be hearing their voices very soon!

    The event culminated with fifteen users getting together for a late lunch at the Cracker Barrel in Cave City. Smiling faces left the restaurant per a fantastic day with both new and old friends at the Hamfest.

Tommy WB4UMR - Extra Mike W4DBF - General

Kentuckiana Amateur Repeater System
Louisville, KY, USA