Supported by K.A.R.S! Software which provides worldwide Station-to-Station and PC-to-Station Amateur communications using Internet VoIP Technology. An Amateur Radio License is required.
Instructions to setup your specific model router for operation.
A suite of Windows programs providing computer control for commonly used transceivers and receivers.
A suite of general and specific contest log programs plus much more. Clark County ARC used the Field Day Contest Logs with excellent results!
HamLinks - a ham radio toolbar for Firefox and Internet Explorer.
An Amateur Radio 10 minute transmit ID timer plus some useful desktop accessories..
B Scott Anderson's first edition non-commercial public release of his excellent guide in PDF format for the Buddipole antenna system. Includes easy to understand practical theory for all dipoles.
An excellent Morse Code trainer per writing it down...just like in the real world!
The complete novel in Morse code at 25 and 40 wpm.
A suite of $ Commercial $ computer study guides for Morse Code and all Amateur license classes.
Another $ Commercial $ site offering online computer study guides for all Amateur license classes.
A quick and simple Field Day Contest Logger by KC8OPV.
The America Online Instant Messenger service for PC-to-PC text communications.
Another PC-to-PC service used by many of the K.A.R.S. users.
Global six-way video QSOs and high quality push-to-talk audio are easy on PalTalk. They even have Sysops to tune in your audio. Lots of Amateurs use this service.

Kentuckiana Amateur Repeater System
Louisville, KY, USA