Bob Heil K9EID and friends host an Internet show on the TWiT Network per all things relating to Amateur Radio. See past episodes and the live show every Wednesday at 6:00pm PT/9:00pm ET
High quality glass engraved back-lighted callsign desktop displays. Display your callsign like the broadcast professionals.
Need a quality name tag fast? NAMETAG Wizard lets you design it online and ships in 48 hours!
The national membership association for Amateur Radio operators.
An Amateur community providing, news, articles, forums, and technical help.
A great information and news site plus a very detailed callsign database.
Lookup Hams in your neighborhood. Also a VERY detailed Callsign database.
A huge information site with a government and public service frequency database.
Yet another excellent site pertaining to all things Amateur.
Want to setup your own repeater? The Repeater Builders Technical Information Page is a great starting place.
Extensive support for the Motorola family of radios including servicing, programming, and Amateur conversions.
Alan Applegate's great site for all things mobile. READ THIS before buying anything mobile!
Ford Motor Company Mobile Radio Installation Guidelines.
General Motors Mobile Radio Installation Guidelines.
USA directory of Amateur radio clubs, repeaters, dealers, and more. A great idea but needs a lot more input from the Amateur community per adding new listings.
Bob Nagy's audio upgrade for the stock Icom IC-7000 microphone.
The Amateur Radio Transmitting Society is one of the major Amateur Radio clubs in the Louisville, KY area. A VERY professional website with lots of up-to-the-minute info. Think cable news for Hams!
The Bullitt Amateur Radio Society is one of the major Amateur Radio clubs in the Louisville, KY area.
The Jeffersonville, IN, Amateur Radio club supporting RACES and the local chapter of the American Red Cross.
While the original focus was pertaining to DX QSOs, this site is a massive wealth of information for Amateur Radio.
Mark Downing's extensive solar activity page.
Powerball Lottery winnings AFTER taxes. Then after winning you will know how much you have to spend on Ham gear!

Kentuckiana Amateur Repeater System
Louisville, KY, USA