145.410Downtown              441.350Downtown
145.410Edwardsville              145.410Fern Creek
145.120Vine Grove               29.690Downtown

System Status
Sat Nov 17  6:10AM
    The first DStar repeater in this area is up and running! The frequency is: 147.460 with a -2.5 Mhz split per the SERA coordination requirements. Thus you will transmit on 144.96 MHz. The repeater is located in Edwardsville, Indiana close to I-64 and state road 62.

    It is a stand alone homemade non-Icom machine and will accommodate any DStar signal (AMBE 2020 codec). It is not connected to the Internet as that will be accomplished during Phase II. Currently a receiver preamp is not installed.

    Issue: I have FM radio station interference and I'm looking for a good 2 meter bandpass filter can if anyone has one.

    A 25-50 watt mobile will keep things even. More improvements are forthcoming.

Fri Nov 16  11:16AM
    The Downtown 441.350 67.0 PL receiver has low audio. The only thing that has normal audio is the 145.410 151.4 PL Downtown site. Tommy (WB4UMR) has another Maxtrac receiver built up for the system and I`m getting it today. I hope to have it in service around Sunday.

Sun Nov 11  11:36AM
    Someone is chunking carriers on the 145.410 151.4 PL Downtown repeater. The best way to talk over this is use the 441.350 67.0 PL Downtown repeater or the 145.410 100.0 PL Fern Creek repeater at full power.

    On another note I have built a non-Icom DStar repeater which is being tested on the bench. It uses 2 Motorola Maxtracs, an RF Concepts Amp and a AMBE Vocoder Chip Controller. It has been on the air occasionally for several months. Ed (KB4DCG), Big Al (KG4AJD), Guy (K4KZH) and Ruffy (KB4WXN) talked through it on the bench yesterday.

    The tentative frequency is: 147.460 -2.5 Mhz. This frequency may have to change when it gets to the actual site due to interference. I`m hoping to run 100 watts output + or - desense.

    This DStar repeater is a "Stand alone" repeater meaning there will not be Internet service at the site. However a hot-spot can be established somewhere and linked to the site. This will be Phase II of the project. Someone could host the hot-spot. The power of DStar is its cpnnection to the Internet.

    I don`t know when it will be put into place at the site. Much more has to be done including testing the site for noise, tuning the cans, travelling to the site and schedulling a day off for the install. ETA I am hoping before the the end of the year.

    The 145.410 repeater will not be affected. The only transmitter that will be affected will be the 147.560. It will be taken down. Sorry John!

Sun Sept 9  9:30PM
    The 441.350 transceiver has been replaced with a spare radio until the original gets repaired. The replacement radio receive is not as sensitive as the original but it is usable. Meanwhile all links are now operational.

Sat Sept 8  2:38PM
    Since the last thunderstorm on Sept 7th the 441.350 transeceiver is inoperative. This means the only site working is the 145.410 main site. Hopefully it will be an easy fix.

Sun July 29  4:24PM
     A message from Brock the system owner:

    "Hey guys and gals, I'm glad everyone is enjoying the repeaters and making all the new Hams feel welcome. To keep everything positive, there are topics that cannot be talked about on this repeater system:

Deep political or religious discussions
Life style preferences
Race and or Nationality
Absolutely no profanity

    Remember, humor ends when it hurts someone`s feelings or reputation. There are 5 transmitters and many listeners per locals, visitors per national events (Thunder, Derby, etc), and worldwide per EchoLink. We have a great repeater system so keep it clean and positive.

    If something is unclear, I will be glad to discuss it with you on the phone, in person or via E-mail."

    Note that Brock does not give out his personal information to everyone per he would be overwhelmed with calls and emails whenever there is an issue. Send any replies to webmaster which I will forward unedited to Brock per a reply.

Sun June 24  2:02PM
    The 441.350 repeater has been replaced (receiver & transmitter) along with a new antenna and hardline. It is all Motorola equipment feeding a Yaesu VXR 7000. The power out has been increased from 40 watts to 60+ watts at the antenna. The antenna has been elevated and installed in the clear for better omni-directional performance. The degrading desense has been totally eliminated and thus better receiver sensitivity. The audio should be close to transparent from 2 meters to 70cm. Per the picture the antenna on the left is the 70cm receive antenna, the tall one in the middle is the 2 meter transmit, and the lower on on the right is 70cm transmit.

Sat May 5  1:42PM
     (1) There is a sweeping signal coming in on the 441.350 Repeater input which will affect weak signals on the 70cm input and also the 145.120 Vinegrove Repeater`s 440 link. I`m hoping this signal will go away after Derby. All other repeater functions are satisfactory at this time.

    (2)There is a new Transmitter at the Edwardsville Site to supplement coverage to Corydon, Dixie Highway, Palmyra, Indiana and points North West. It`s a 2.75 Mhz odd split per:

    147.560 output 100.0 pl (100 Watts output)
    144.810 input 67.0 pl

    Use around 25 to 50 watts to keep everything even. This is probably true of all the sites. Remember the K.A.R.S. system is low to medium profile and it is happy with 25-50 watts out.
Sun Jan 8  6:48PM
     The low audio on the remote receivers has been repaired. The 147.555 remote for the 10 Meter machine is inoperative per a power supply issue.

Sat Oct 15  10:21PM
     The 145.120 Vine Grove repeater is down per a blown final. Estimated Time of Repair is unknown at this time.
Thur Sept 15  5:53PM
     There has been some occasional line noise on the Fern Creek 100.0 PL receiver section. It appears to occur on dry cool days. Therefore if you can`t seem to get into that repeater try switching to the Edwardsville 67.0 PL repeater.
Tue Mar 15  11:25PM
     The 441.350 Downtown repeater is back on line. Thanks to Bob KQ4FR for the transmitter and Jim KE4KOL for the receive preamp. The receiver still has a slight problem with sensitivity but it`ll do for now. It is of course linked to the Downtown 145.410 repeater.
Tue Dec 14  12:58PM
     Adjustments were made to the 145.410 Downtown repeater to correct the noise issue...The main receiver 151.4 pl is about 6db down from what it should be. At this time go to the other receivers 100 & 67 pl if you can`t get into the 151.4 pl...Approval is still pending per installation of the 441.350 Repeater at the new site.
Mon Dec 6  12:04AM
     The 145.410 Downtown repeater has some occasional noise coming in on full quite stations. This occurred after the lightning strike last August and will not be easy to find. Onsite diagnosis is scheduled for Monday evening.
Wed Sept 6  12:36PM
     The 151.4 decode tone squelch on the downtown repeater has been turned on. This will help keep other repeaters in the area from bringing up your receiver on the main site, for those radios which don`t do a split tone. Thanks to the newly installed Isolator the I-mod issues plaguing the downtown repeater seems to be resolved, therefore the decoding has been enabled as long as I-mod is not an issue. The decode tone is loud and it is going to be adjusted down to the proper level soon. Update...The 70 cm repeater transmitter is on the bench and soon to be put back on the air!
Mon Aug 17  10:49PM
    The 145.410 Downtown repeater is back on line. A new Hustler G6 Transmit antenna and LMR-400 coax was installed this evening. A Sinclair Dual Ferrite Isolator has been installed for I-mod rejection. Now that it`s cooling off I plan to get the 441.350 transmitter going again soon.
Mon Aug 16  9:05PM
    The 145.410 Downtown repeater took a lightning strike which blew the antenna off the building. The 18 ft antenna is now 3 ft. Luck plus excellent design was with us as the ground system took the major hit as both the 2m and 70cm repeaters and power supplies are still intact. Repairs are under way per Brandon KJ4KMA providing a Huster G6 versus the G7, which will reduce the ERP about 1.7db for now. Also a run of LMR-400 will be used until we can get the 1/2in hardline shipped. Awaiting parts.
Sun Aug 15  1:42PM
    The 145.410 Downrown repeater is down. A lightning strike is suspected. Repairs may be several days away per the 100 degree plus temperatures at the sight. This of course will drop the links to all other repeaters in the system.
Sat May 22  6:51PM
    The 10 meter repeater is on-the-air. It operates on 29.690 output and 29.590 input with no PL at this time. This is a split site with the receiver in Edwardsville, IN. The transmitter is located in downtown Louisville with buildings to the North and East of the antenna which may shadow emissions. South and West should be fine.
Sat May 15  1:54PM
    The 441.350 Downtown repeater is down with a duplexer problem. Repairs have not been scheduled per other priorities.
Sat May 8  10:19PM
    Repairs have been completed on the 441.350 Downtown repeater and it is now back in service. The Vine Grove repeater should be operational in a few days.
Sat Apr 24  4:15PM
    The final amplifier for the 441.350 Downtown repeater is acting up causing a disruptive squelch tail. It will be shut down for about a month pending awaiting parts and scheduling to complete the repair. This will also disable the Vine Crove repeater, but will not effect Edwardsville and Fern Creek.
Fri Mar 19  10:15PM
    The new 145.410 100 PL remote receiver/repeater is installed and operational in the Fern Creek Area.
Mon Mar 2  10:25PM
    Repairs have been completed on the 441.350 repeater running 75 watt finals at 60 watts. Power output was increased to offset self-oscillation of the transmitter. The 10 meter transmitter hardware was used which delays this future link for now.
Mon Mar 1  10:00PM
    The 441.350 repeater has failed per driver/finals. Awaiting parts.
Mon Mar 1  7:37AM
    The 441.350 repeater is down. This also disables the 145.120 Vine Grove repeater. Awaiting evaluation.
Sun Feb 29  7:11PM
    Echolink has been limited to PC and I-Phone users only. Other repeaters and links will be denied for now. Thus PC and other single use devices can access the 145.410 node and should be seamless on the receive end. The problem was that several repeaters and links were connecting all at the same time and really tying up the node (multiconferencing).
Wed Jan 29  6:56PM
    Repairs have been completed and full audio has been restored on the Vine Grove Repeater 145.120.
Wed Jan 27  10:30PM
    The Vine Grove Repeater 145.120 is online with the transmit audio about half of what it should be. This will be corrected on the next visit to the site.
Sat Jan 23  2:48PM
    Debbie and Brock went to the repeater site and reinstalled the original 2 meter Yaesu repeater with the heavy duty finals. They also found some problems with the 70 cm repeater can jumpers. Thanks to Jim KE4KOL for being patient and providing weak signals to both machines while they were up there. Thanks to everyone who helps with all aspects of keeping the machines on the air. 10 meters is on the way. Be patient.
Fri Jan 22  8:48AM
    The 441.350 repeater is not receiving. Repairs are scheduled for Friday evening.
Sat Oct 17  5:03PM
    After 2.5 hours of trouble shooting at the main site looking for the "Noise" I THINK the transmit antenna system is bad. The only thing I could do at the time is swap the transmit and receive antennas for testing. This should increase the transmitters E.R.P. (Effective Radiated Power) from 120 Watts to 190 Watts. At the same time it may decrease the main site`s receive capability by about 2 DB! It`s the difference between the feed lines, antennas and how high they are compared to each other. The increased transmitter E.R.P. should enhance the Edwardsville range by being able to hear the transmitter better in the fringes. Let me know if this is true or not. The antenna swap seems to fixed the noise problem that was covering everyone up. I still hear the Imod growling in the back ground occasionally, that's another problem entirely.
Thu Oct 15  12:10PM
    The main site (145.410 - 151.4 PL) is experiencing static noise on the input. It seems to be a loose or dirty connection somewhere in the receive or transmit antenna system. It will show up with weaker signals. If you are having trouble getting into the main site try using the Edwardsville receiver (67 PL) or the 441.350 Repeater.
Tue Jun 23  9:58AM
    The link from the 145.410 repeater downtown to the 145.110 in Vine Grove will be disconnected for awhile. The machine in Vine Grove is still active and working stand alone, just not connected to the downtown repeater. The 441.350 is still linked and operational along with the Edwardsville receiver (67pl). Looking into installing a receiver in the New Philadelphia, Indiana area soon (100 pl).
Fri Apr 10  7:19AM
    The 70cm 441.350 Repeater receiver interference has been resolved. The Vine Grove repeater is now linked to the Downtown repeater.
Mon Apr 6  8:17PM
    The 70cm 441.350 Repeater receiver has some interference, possibly from a FM broadcast station. It is being evaluated for a few days before making corrections.
Sat Apr 4  3:50PM
    The PLs have changed from 77.0 to 67.0 on the Evansville 145.410 and the 70cm 441.350 Repeaters. This resolved a harmonic issue per the downtown repeater links.
Thu Apr 2  9:40PM
    A new Yaesu Vertex repeater has been installed at Vine Grove, KY, on 145.110 PL 123.0.
Mon Mar 23  11:57AM
    The GE Master II repeater at the Edwardsville site on 145.410 PL 77.0 is now operational. Audio repairs have been completed to the Alinco Downtown repeater site on 441.350 77.0 PL.
Wed Mar 18  5:37PM
    The Yaesu Vertex repeater at the Edwardsville site on 146.970 PL 151.4 has been removed from service.
Sun Mar 15  6:00PM
    An Alinco repeater has been installed at the Downtown site on 441.350 PL 77.0. This is linked to the downtown repeater. Currently the audio is low from the 2 m to the 70 cm machines.
Fri Mar 6  2:10PM
    A Yaesu Vertex repeater has been installed at the Edwardsville site on 146.970 PL 151.4. This is currently NOT linked to the downtown repeater. Meanwhile the linked Edwardsville 145.410 PL 77.0 is offline at this time.
Wed Mar 4  8:16AM
    The downtown repeater is experience electrical noise on the input. Repairs are pending. Meanwhile more power than normal may be required to access the repeater.
Wed Jan 21  9:17PM
    A Yaesu Vertex has been installed at the downtown site. Edwardsville is running a GE Master II. Another Yaesu installation for Edwardsville is pending.
Tue Jan 20  4:30PM
    Both Yaesu Vertex repeaters have arrived and are awaiting installation.
Fri Jan 16  7:45AM
    The GE Master II was replaced with another GEM II to alleviate the Intermod problem. This unit has lower injection and a higher squelch which will require users to add a little more power in remote areas to access the repeater. Meanwhile a repaired Yaesu could arrive at anytime.
Mon Jan 12  2:10PM
    Yaesu has been contacted and it looks like they may just ship a replacement for the new repeater. Meanwhile the original Yaesu had blown finals and repairs are underway.
Sun Jan 11  6:12PM
    Yaesu has been contacted and a reply is expected on Monday. Meanwhile Bob WB4LBR is bench testing the Yaesu repeater.
Sat Jan 10  3:45PM
    The new Yaesu Vertex repeater was installed downtown, but the unit would go off frequency. The GE Master II was reinstalled and verified operational. The good news is that the filters were realigned and the Intermod issue has been reduced.
Thu Jan 08  9:47PM
    The new Yaesu Vertex repeater has arrived and is undergoing offsite setup and programming. Site installation should be completed by the weekend.
Fri Jan 02  8:10PM
    The new Yaesu Vertex repeater is expected to arrive on Wed Jan 7. After some setup and alignment, it should go online a few days later. It will replace the downtown GE Master II to minimize the current Intermod problems.
Sat Dec 27  6:47PM
    A new Yaesu Vertex repeater has been purchased and is awaiting delivery, and the old Yaesu repeater is being repaired. The goal is to upgrade both sites to Yaesu's in the near future for outstanding coverage.
Wed Dec 24  5:35PM
    A replacement GE Master II E Case repeater is now operational while the main site repeater is being repaired. Note that this repeater has a fast unnoticeable squelch tail. The Edwardsville Link is currently not active.
Tue Dec 23  7:03PM
    Tommy WB4UMR has suggested that we might try the Fern Creek site at 147.120+ (no PL) and the Indiana site 444.200+ (67.0 PL) for the interum.
Tue Dec 23  10:15AM
    The 145.410 repeater is dead. The power supply took a line spike. The repeater is under warranty and the dealer is going to find out if I can turn in the power supply for a new one, or return the whole radio. As this is Christmas and all it might take a while to get anything done.
    There is a GE Master II repeater in Edwardsville, Indiana that I`ll put some xtals in and re tune on the bench. That Repeater will be the same PL and frequency. There will NOT be any satellite receivers with this unit. The GE won`t have a hang time, meaning the return signal will drop immediately after you unkey, but it will be repeating you.

Mon Dec 22  9:00PM
    The power supply is bad per 9VDC output and all programming was lost.
Sun Dec 21  11:30PM
    The main repeater started sending the Morse Code ID after every transmission. Everyone on the channel then stopped using it, and Brock was e-mailed per the status.