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Picture and technical database of just about every Amateur radio.
Looking for the ultimate in radio communications furniture? Have more money than you know what to do with? Go with the Broadcast Pros!
Canadian premiere radio store.
Hundreds of amateur accessories, components, antennas, mounts, coax, connectors, and tools.
Professional general and vehicle specific mounts for radio control heads, cell phones, GPS, iPods, satellite etc.
Vehicle mounts including soultions for specific Amateur Radio control heads like the Yaesu FTM-350AR.
Batteries and chargers for almost everything including a huge selection for handhelds.
The world standard for RF systems components and power measurement equipment. Home of the Bird 43 wattmeter!
Solid state mobile Amateur amplifiers when low power just won't do!
Home of the SignaLink USB radio interface with built-in soundcard. Just add your favorite PC software (many are free) to run virtually all Digital Data and Voice modes!
High quality USB Serial adapters for connecting old technology radio gear with the latest PCs and operating systems!
Miniature display monitors which can interface with radio and computer gear.
Home of the LogiKey electronic CW keyers.
High end audio processing for Amateur radios.
High end microphones for Amateur radios.
The largest manufacturer of Amateur accessories.
Major manufacturer of Amateur base antennas.
Quality build-it-yourself electronic kits.
VHF/UHF base antennas at great prices.
40-2m (80m with add-ons) "Erector Set" design your own portable dipole or vertical antenna system. 16ft collapses to 23in. Single band operation using quick-change coil taps provides a wide 2:1 bandwidth without a tuner. Triple Ratio Switch Balun recommended.
80-10m (160m with add-ons) portable vertical antenna system. Fiberglass 31ft collapses to 44in. All band operation using tuner and counterpoise radials for each band. LDG Balun recommended.
The ultimate in HF beam antennas!
Need connectors? Here's probably the lowest cost on the Internet.
Manufacturer's representative for major radio communications companies. Highest quality equipment at discount prices.

Kentuckiana Amateur Repeater System
Louisville, KY, USA